Thursday, 4 July 2013

Introduction to Our Project

Project Title

The Factors that Affect the Intensity of the fragrance of soap.


Did you ever wonder why you smell some soap stronger than others? Well, that's because.....


We plan to create 8 soap samples and test them on 50 or more people who will evaluate the soap and rate its intensity. We will colate the results and plot 2 graphs; Intensity vs molecular weight and Intensity vs vapor pressure.

Our Hypothesis

Vapor pressure and molecular weight does not affect the intensity of the fragrance of soap.

Research Questions

1) Will the smell of the soap affect the intensity?

2) Will the molecular weight of the soap affect the rate of intensity?

3) What are the different possible variables in our project?

4) How will this experiment affect our daily lives?

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Names and Roles of Each Member

Micheal Chia - Group Leader
Steffany Yen - Editor and Recorder
Evangeline Wong - Webmaster
Jonah Tan - Checker and Timekeeper

Scientific Method

"Scientific Method" is a process where we have a question and want to contduct a research on it to comfirm hypotesis.