Bibliography and Acknowledgements


We would like to thank Mr Ng for his great guidance and support for our project to be a success. He provided us useful information and helped us when we needed it.

We would like to thank ADVANTEST and all our family and friends that helped us in our science survey. Without you, we wouldn't be able to get 50 over results to achieve and get out our data. Thank you!

Last but not least, we would want to really thank Miss Wendy Wong (From IFF), for helping us plan with the meet-up to carry out our experiment. We would also like to thank Mr Lim Tang Keat (From IFF) for his guidance and teaching in ensuring that we understand the procedures and helped us along the way when we faced difficulties.  Lastly, we also would like to thank Mangali Bonnier to approve this collaboration and have her staff to help us along the way.


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